Manage Natural Resources

ENVI products and IDL provide the tools you need to manage water, evaluate biodiversity, conduct land use studies, and much more. And with many automated workflows, users of all levels get scientifically accurate results — quickly and easily.

Data Support

Data Support, GIS environmental management, GIS natural resource management

Whether you are working with panchromatic, multispectral or hyperspectral images, each type offers unique information to support your efforts to manage and conserve natural resources, including Landsat 8 and NPP VIIRS. We have automated tools that work with any image and data type and deliver analysis based on proven scientific methods, making it easy for anyone to quickly get the information they need to make more informed decisions.


LiDAR & SAR support

LiDAR and SARscape support, GIS environmental management, GIS natural resource management

Perform vegetation volume estimates, monitor mineral extraction volumes from excavation sites, create forest inventories, and perform right-of-way analyses from your LiDAR and SAR data.


Data Fusion

Data Fusion

Different data types have different strenghts and offer unique information. However, the real power of these data types is tapped when two or more of them are fused together. We support and ingest any data type, source or format you are working with (Landsat/HSI/Thermal/Radar/Lidar).


ArcGIS® Integration

ArcGIS® Integration

Products in the ENVI Platform integrate with ArcGIS® from Esri, allowing you to add more information than ever before to your GIS for more powerful geospatial products.  ENVI image analysis tools are accessible directly from the ArcGIS desktop and server environments so you can increase efficiency and improve the decision-making process.


ArcToolbox™ for Desktop

ArcToolbox™ for Desktop

ENVI tools are available directly within the ArcToolbox™, letting you easily add analysis capabilities to your new and existing GIS models and applications. ENVI image analysis tools are easy to learn and use, so you can create maps and other geospatial products for better and more informed decisions about habitat, conservation and more.


ENVI for ArcGIS® Server

ENVI for ArcGIS® Server

ENVI for ArcGIS® Server delivers advanced ENVI image analysis tools to the ArcGIS Server environment so users across the enterprise can effectively add information from imagery to their GIS. Results from ENVI can also be sent to a geodatabase, or pushed directly into ArcMap™ for further vector analysis or integration into workloads.


Vegetation Mapping

Vegetation Mapping, GIS environmental management, GIS natural resource management

Take advantage of numerous classification and analytical techniques to assess vegetation types and health.  ENVI includes 29 built in options to study vegetation health, geology, and soil state.  Band Math and Spectral Math make it easy to try new approaches.

Feature Extraction

Extract features like forest stands and vegetative health from a variety of data including LiDAR, SAR, panchromatic, multispectral, and hyperspectral imagery. A wizard-like interface that incorporates spatial, spectral or temporal information walks you through the complete extraction workflow from image ingest, to exporting results, and delivers fast results even with large datasets.

Calibration tools

Correct for atmospheric and sensor effects in your imagery using ENVI and IDL to get more accurate information about an area.

Landcover Analysis

Use a confusion matrix to show the accuracy of a classification result by comparing a classification result with ground truth information.


Spectral Tools

Study your natural resources using available spectral data from hyperspectral and mutlispectral imagery.

Land Cover Classification

Land Cover Classification, GIS environmental management, GIS natural resource management

Classify land cover to help delineate, map, and inventory land cover classes from different types of imagery. Leverage spectral information to map the occurrences of rare earth minerals on the earth's surface.

Terrain and Watershed Analysis

Categorize terrain automatically to create map products to determine waterflow pathways, potentials for landslides, wildfire modeling, and other potential hazards.


Change Detection

GIS environmental management, GIS natural resource management, Change Detection

Detect change by comparing two images from two different times to determine forestry or agricultural trends and monitor changes to the landscape resulting from events such as wildfire, flooding, deforesting, or the spread of invasive species. The results, which can be derived from automated workflows, can include maps of detected changes and reports showing the area and percentage of detected change.

Spectral Libraries

ENVI has a number of spectral libraries that contain vegetation, geologic and man made materials.  You can create your own spectral libraries from imagery or collected field spectra and use this information for imagery classification and unique signature detection.

DEM Extraction

Extracted DEMs can be used in silviculture decision making, terrain analysis and modeling, and to create elevation models for areas where none or only low resolution DEMs exist.


Understand the Environment & Natural Resources from the Cloud!

It is more important than ever to understand how to effectively utilize and preserve our natural resources. With ENVI products you get scientifically accurate results by easily analyzing wide area imagery, time series data, LiDAR, SAR, and many other formats in support of your studies. And now, researchers and scientists can easily collaborate across your organization for consistent results regardless of their location with ENVI Services Engine.


Read the whitepaper to learn how you can get scientifically accurate results with ENVI image analysis in the Cloud


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