ENVI products provide the geospatial software foundation you need to process and analyze imagery so you have the information necessary to make more informed decisions. They are designed to be used on the desktop and in the cloud by everyone from GIS professionals to image scientists, regardless of prior experience with imagery. All ENVI products integrate with ArcGIS® from Esri, are easily customized to meet your unique needs, and are backed by a robust community of users that crosses disciplines. 

ENVI uses proven scientific methods and automated processes to help you easily extract information from geospatial imagery, providing you with the knowledge you need to make more informed decisions.

Analyze your geospatial data and imagery within any ArcGIS environment whether deployed on the desktop, in the cloud, or online. This flexibility lets you implement scientifically proven ENVI image analysis without having to change your existing workflow.

ENVI LiDAR is an interactive geospatial software environment that allows you to create powerful, realistic 3D visualizations and easily extract important features and products from LiDAR point cloud data.

ENVI Services Engine
ENVI Services Engine is a cloud-based image analysis solution that can be deployed on virtually any existing enterprise infrastructure to give your organization access to geospatial information from desktops, mobile devices, or web applications.

ENVI SARscape® allows you to easily read, process, and output your Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data, and transform it into meaningful, contextual information.


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