ENVI LiDAR is an interactive geospatial software environment that lets you create realistic 3D visualizations and easily extract important features and products from raw LiDAR point cloud data. The elevation information contained within LiDAR can be used to create Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), or be included in your geospatial products like line-of-sight or right-of way analyses. ENVI LiDAR can also be customized with the API to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Extract Information

ENVI LiDAR Extract Features

Quickly identify and extract 3D features, refine your results, and export 3D products for further analysis or inclusion in your GIS.


ENVI LiDAR Analysis with ArcGIS

ENVI LiDAR is interoperable with the tools you already use, such as ENVI image analysis software and ArcGIS® from Esri.


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