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How to start ENVI on Linux with a specific file open and displayed


Sometimes it's handy to be able to launch ENVI while specifying a particular image file to open and display. There are a few different ways to do this on a Linux platform, depending on which ENVI application you are running, and exactly how you want it to work. For ENVI 5.0+: From a terminal window, you can issue the following ... more »

Example program with Plot3D: Spherical plot symbols with shadows


   ;   Exelis VIS Technical Support example main level program illustrating how  ;   to plot spheres using the IDL docs example ORB object as the plot symbol  ;  ;   The ORB object class is defined in the file "" and is  ;   included in the IDL ... more »

ENVI Lidar 5.2 SP1 licensing error: No such feature exists.


After updated ENVI Lidar 5.2 to service pack 1 (SP1), I get a licensing error when I launch the application: Why does my existing ENVI Lidar 5.2 license not work with SP1? Answer: ENVI Lidar 5.2 SP1 has updated components that require an updated license feature.  If you are a current ENVI Lidar license holder, an updated license and ... more »

How to solve the problem when ENVI or IDL are not able to launch the online Help


Topic: After installing a new version of ENVI or IDL, it can happen that the Help system is not launching, and the user receives the error message: "ENVI Error: System error Unable to launch help viewer" This usually happens when there are more than one browser installed in the target machine, and ENVI is not able to identify the right ... more »

License Borrow Functionality for Floating Licenses


What is the license borrow feature? How do I get the license borrow feature enabled for my floating license? What are the limitations of the license borrow feature? How do I checkout a license from my Windows machine? How do I checkout a license from my Macintosh/Linux/UNIX machine? Can I perform an early return (check in) ... more »

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Exelis VIS Technical Support Policy Updates


Maintenance Program Changes and Reminders: All customers must be current on maintenance to receive ... more »


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