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IDL-Python Bridge Advanced Setup


The purpose of this article is to provide a general resource for how to set up different shell environments in a way that keeps a parent shell, terminal, or command prompt from having the Python variables set. The reason for this is that there can be issues when launching other programs after the IDL-Python bridge has been set up due to system ... more »

ENVI / ESE 5.3 and IDL 8.5 Platform and Feature Support


ENVI/ESE 5.3 and IDL 8.5 Platform and Feature Support ENVI 5.3 Platform Support Platform Hardware ... more »

Examples illustrating recursive / nonrecursive search for files from a given set of directories


QUESTION: How do I programmatically find all the file with a certain file name extension from a given set of directories? ANSWER: The FILE_SEARCH routine provides a easy way to do this, where a single call can search a single directory or a set of directories provided as a string array.  FILE SEARCH can search in a given directory or ... more »

ENVI 5.3 and Windows 32-bit installers


Beginning with ENVI 5.3, 32-bit installers for Windows will no longer be provided.  However, the 32-bit binaries are still provided with the 64-bit Windows installer so that you can launch ENVI in 32-bit mode on 64-bit Windows systems.  This ensures interoperability with ArcGIS will continue in ENVI 5.3. You can find ... more »

ENVI LiDAR has merged into ENVI 5.3


Starting with ENVI 5.3, the ENVI LiDAR application has been merged into the  ENVI application and there is no longer a separate installation for this product. Like other ENVI modules, the ENVI LiDAR application is available for use to licensed users.  To open the ENVI LiDAR application select LiDAR > Launch ENVI LiDAR from ... more »

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Exelis VIS Technical Support Policy Updates


Maintenance Program Changes and Reminders: All customers must be current on maintenance to receive ... more »


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