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IDL 8.4.1 Release Notes


Supported Platforms Platform Hardware Operating System Supported Versions Windows Intel/AMD 32-bit Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8 Intel/AMD 64-bit ... more »


ENVI Services Engine 5.2, Service Pack 1 Release Notes


Revised 17 February 2015 New Features Known Issues Fixed Issues New Features ENVI analytics (called ENVITasks) are automatically included with ESE and are listed in the Admin Console catalog. Refer to the "ENVITask" topic in ENVI Help for descriptions of each task.   You can still access all ... more »

Example IDL program illustrating an approach to providing command line arguments to a IDL Runtime or IDL Virtual Machine application


;+ ; :Description: ;  ;    Exelis VIS Technical Support example program illustrating how ;    one might start an IDL session (development, runtime (RT) ;    virtual machine (VM)) with the "-args" command line switch ;    to provide command line argument inputs to the IDL ... more »

FILE INCONSISTENCY error during a coregistration step in SARscape


Sometimes when performing coregistration or any type of interferogram generation (which includes a coregistration) in SARscape, one will receive an error message that says something like:      SARscape error message      FILE INCONSISTENCY [EC : 40001] This can happen for a variety of reasons. Some datasets are ... more »

When ENVI Reports: "Array dimensions must be greater than 0"


When performing any type of processing that takes ROIs as input, sometimes users will encounter an error like this:      An error has occurred during processing      Error: "Array dimensions must be greater than 0." The result may be invalid. This error message usually indicates that one or more of the ROIs ... more »

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Exelis VIS Technical Support Policy Updates


Maintenance Program Changes and Reminders: All customers must be current on maintenance to receive ... more »


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