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Calling a custom project build script in IDL 8.2 and later


You can call a custom IDL Project build script or command from the IDL Workbench (v8.2 or later) as follows: 1.) Open the Project Properties dialog for your IDL project (right click on your project in the Project Explorer view and then select the Properties menu item. 2.) Then select the IDL Build Properties item on the left pane. ... more »

iTools displays "No Valid LangCat"


Problem:  If you are using iTools to visualize some data (for example using iimage), it is possible for all the menu items to say "No Valid LangCat" instead of what they should say. Solution: This usually indicates that IDL is unable to find the catalog files located in the directory shown below: IDL_DIR/resource/langcat/itools There ... more »


Example how to write large data to an HDF5 file piece by piece


Topic: This article shows an example of how to write a large set of data to an HDF5 file by breaking it down into smaller pieces and writing it to the file piece by piece.  Discussion: The program "test_write_h5d" (shown below) generates a set of data that is random is size*. It then creates a HDF5 file and opens it. The data is then ... more »

XQuartz/X11 failing to launch automatically when running ENVI or IDL


PROBLEM: Some IDL and ENVI users on Mac OS X (10.7 or later) have reported that X11 fails to launch automatically when IDL or ENVI is started by double clicking on the application launch icon. Possible causes for this problem may be: 1.) X11/XQuartz configuration is not complete 2.) Corrupted X11/XQuartz ... more »

Using IDL and ENVI on Mac OS X Requires X11/XQuartz


PROBLEM: Running IDL and ENVI on Mac OS X requires the installation of X11/XQuartz on the system. X11/XQuartz does not come pre-installed on Mac OS X and requires a separate download and installation of this product. Here are some example symptoms of using IDL on a Mac OS X system without X11/XQuartz: * The IDL Workbench can be started but ... more »

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Exelis VIS Technical Support Policy Updates


Maintenance Program Changes and Reminders: All customers must be current on maintenance to receive ... more »


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