License Borrow Functionality for Floating Licenses


What is the license borrow feature? How do I get the license borrow feature enabled for my floating license? What are the limitations of the license borrow feature? How do I checkout a license from my Windows machine? How do I checkout a license from my Macintosh/Linux/UNIX machine? Can I perform an early return (check in) ... more »

The Options File


What is the Options File? The options file can be used to control license access for users of floating licenses. The main functions of an options file from an practical perspective is to: reserve specific license features for defined users/groups, exclude defined users/groups from accessing specific license features, as well as ... more »

Running IDL 8.3 (and above) lmgrd fails with error: "lmgrd: not found"


Problem: If you are using Linux, you might encounter the following error when running the "lmgrd" script provided in the IDL distribution: /usr/local/exelis/idl84/bin/lmgrd: 459: exec: /usr/local/exelis/idl84/bin/bin.linux.x86_64/lmgrd: not found Solution: NOTE ... more »

Web Licensing - How to Create or Remove a User / Administrator Account


This Help Article will provide assistance with creating a user account on the Exelis VIS Web Licensing Portal, so that it may be associated with an existing maintenance contract/license number, as well as removing existing user/administrator associations.  For an explanation of what User Roles are available via the Web Licensing Portal as ... more »

Web Licensing - How to update a license version manually


Topic: This help article describes the process and steps taken to change the license product version via the Exelis Visual Information Solutions web licensing portal.     FIRST AND FOREMOST-  You must be listed as an authorized license administrator and must be current on Maintenance in order to have access and to make ... more »

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Exelis VIS Technical Support Policy Updates


Maintenance Program Changes and Reminders: All customers must be current on maintenance to receive ... more »


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