The IDL "LABEL_REGION" function considers edge pixel data to be zero


DISCUSSION: The IDL Help reference page for the LABEL_REGION function mentions:     "Pixels at the edges of Data are considered to be zero." Consequently, if non-zero edge pixel data must be considered in the results from LABEL_REGION, then you'll need to pad the original data edges with a column and row of zeroes, so ... more »

How to create a contour plot with different styles of line fill


The following code example shows how to set up different styles of line fill in a contour plot using IDL's CONTOUR procedure. pro contour_different_style_linefill ; Initialize the display settings and load a color table device,decomposed=0 loadct, 26 ; Access the values of the color table and set them ... more »

Changing the browser used for the IDL help on Linux


On Linux/Solaris systems, the IDL 8 on-line help will by default launch in your default web browser. However, there are some scenarios where you may want the IDL help to launch in a browser that is not your default browser. For example, if your default web browser is Google Chrome, you may find that the IDL 8.1 on-line help does not work very ... more »

% MATHSTAT_166: Dynamically loadable module is unavailable on this platform: IMSL.


In the latest releases of IDL, users who run Advanced Math and Stats (IMSL) on Windows or Mac machines that are 64 bit may encounter the following error : % MATHSTAT_166: Dynamically loadable module is unavailable on this platform: IMSL. When this error occurs, it means that IMSL is not supported in the 64 bit version of IDL. It is ... more »

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Exelis VIS Technical Support Policy Updates


Maintenance Program Changes and Reminders: All customers must be current on maintenance to receive ... more »


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